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Faculty of Business Administration

Welcome the Faculty of Business Administration

Founded in 1990, by enrollment, the Faculty of Business Admin­istration (FBA) is the largest faculty at Ho Chi Minh City Open University. Across the country, 18,000 alumni are always well received and well respected. Many of them hold top management positions in both Vietnamese and multinational corporations.The FBA offers a Bachelor in Business Administration with specializa­tions in International Business, Tourism, Human Resources, and Marketing. The faculty’s current enrollments exceed 4,000 on-campus and 15,000 off-campus students additionally.

The FBA is home to 40 full-time and 120 part-time faculty members who hold master and doctor degrees from leading institutions in the United States, Australia, France, or Germany. The faculty members have published notable textbooks and research articles in high impact national and international journals. Many of them also have extensive experiences in consult­ing and have received numerous teaching, research and service excellence awards.

The FBA has various programs in cooperation with the business community, giving students opportunities to improve their practical experience working on current business issues. Each academic major in the FBA has an annual competition with interest­ing and practical topics that helps students improve their effective­ness and efficiency when coping with the real business world. Students of FBA have also enjoyed the support of the faculty members to participate in high quality academic research and have won numerous awards at faculty, university and national levels.

Contact details:

Room 212 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 300 208

Room 211 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 303 354


Faculty of Economics and Law

The Faculty of Economics and Law offers the curriculum for the Bachelor in majors of Economics, Investment Economics, International Economics, and Business Law. The curriculum is frequently updated to meet demands of the society and employers. Students of the Faculty of Economics and Law not only study in an academic environment but also have chances to participate in practical activities to support their future careers. Graduates, therefore, can quickly catch up work after graduating in both public sectors such as State bodies, courts, or research institutes, etc… and private sectors such as enterprises, or consulting firms, etc... 


 - Economics

 - Investment Economics

 - International Economics

 - Economic Law

Contact details:

Room 205 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 307 172


Faculty of Finance – Banking

The Faculty of Finance – Banking provides the curriculum for the Bachelor in Finance – Banking. The faculty aims to equip students with well-developed analytical and interpersonal skills, high level of literacy, numeracy along with computer proficiency and a thorough grounding in theory as well as practical application of Finance and Banking disciplines. The faculty provides students with well-rounded knowledge both in socio-economics and their own specialization. The lecturers apply student-centered teaching styles and a range of methods, including face-to-face teaching and interactive group work to enhance the learning experiences. Furthermore, the Faculty offers students academic workshops and diversified activities to help them obtain necessary soft-skills. “Heading to Stockholm”, “Stimulated Stock Exchange ISK”, “English Olympiad” are important activities of the Faculty that create an environment for students to apply their knowledge and develop their skills along with mindset for future careers.


- Finance

   + Corporate Finance
   + Public Finance
   + Investment Management
   + Insurance

- Banking

Contact details:

Room 209 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 301 282

Room 210 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 303 611


Faculty of Accounting – Auditing

The Faculty of Accounting - Auditing develops people who are knowledgeable in the best business practices and profes­sional standard, think creatively and communicate effectively. We promote academic excellence, foster strong relationships with the business community and professional bodies such as the Vietnamese Association of Certified Public Accountants (VACPA), the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA).

The Faculty of Accounting - Auditing awards the Bachelor Degree of Accounting - Auditing. Students can specialize in accounting and auditing. Graduates are well prepared for accounting, taxation or auditing roles in the following organiza­tions: Accounting practices including accounting and auditing firms;corporations;small and medium-sized businesses;govern- ment; non-profit organizations;...



 - Accounting

 - Auditing

Contact details

Room: 204 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 333 403


Faculty of Biotechnology

The Faculty of Biotechnology provides the curriculum for the Bachelor in Biotechnology.We offer a high quality education and practical experience in Biotechnology. Graduates are well equipped with core knowledge in biology and technology to conduct research, produce bio-products to serve human interests such as processed foods, medicine for human and animals, products for industrial production like enzymes, organic solvents, and human disease diagnostics. Students can specialize in molecular and cell technology, microorganism technology, food, environment, and biological applications in forestry, agricul­ture and medicine. They are capable for organizing industrial production.We also pay much attention to practical training for students with laboratory practice and extra-curricular activities and field trips to production facilities in different economic sectors and ecological systems. Our graduates are well prepared and ready for a variety of careers including research­ing in biotechnological laboratories, medical centers, hospitals, food companies, environmental researches, marketing,... or continuing higher education.


- Agricultural - Environmental Biotechnology

- Biomedical and Pharmaceutical Biotechnology

- Food Technology


Contact details:

Room: 304 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 300 086


Faculty of Civil & Electrical Engineering

The Faculty of Civil and Electrical Engineering (CEE) has eighteen full-time faculty members and four staffs dedicated to the education of more than 1500 full-time undergraduate students, 1200 distance-learning undergraduate students and more than 60 graduate students. The education in the Faculty equips students with leadership in the professions of civil and electrical engineering. Career opportunities are very apparent because of the many pressing needs to improve and expand the infrastructure as well as industrialization of Vietnam.

The CEE laboratories for teaching and research are among the best in the nation, providing opportunities for hands-on experience and lab skills for all students. In the South ofVietnam, there are incomparable opportunities for students to experience ground-breaking local civil and electrical engineering projects and participate in professional activities.

The Faculty of Civil and Electrical Engineering (CEE) conducts cutting-edge research in evolving and vital areas that addresses societal needs for well-designed and well-operated buildings, energy, and water systems. Extensive efforts will be necessary for civil infrastructure to cope with adverse changes of weather and climate. Our research and teaching serve the needs of a growing I urban population that requires sustainable improvements in I standard of living

CEE’s research establishes and advances the intellectual I foundations of new fields of study. We develop theory and I improve understanding, and provide tools and techniques for I solving new important problems. Educational activities of the Faculty focus on developing future leaders of the engineering profession, in academia, and in a broader societal context.

Graduates in civil engineering can perform the tasks of designing and implementation of civil and industrial construction works, transportation construction works, and planning of residential and urban areas.

Graduates in electrical engineering can exploit, maintain, design, repair and replace the parts of mechanic-electrical, or electric-electrical equipment to serve the agricultural production and food processing industries.

The Faculty is a place of intellectual vitality and diversity where all students, faculty, and staff have the opportunity and the impetus to achieve their full potential. We are proud of our contributions to the mission of the Ho Chi Minh City Open University


- Civil Engineering Technology

- Electrical Engineering Technology Major in Water Supply and Sewerage

- Construction Management 


Contact details:

Room: 312 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 300 949


Faculty of Computer Science

The Faculty of Computer Science provides currículums for the Bachelor in majors of Computer Science and Management Information System.

Students are trained to be ethical, disciplined and responsible for their work. They are well equipped with core knowledge and are trained to master the major knowledge to have good practical skills as well as the ability to apply knowledge in problem solving and researching thoroughly in the the field.

For over 20 years of establishment and development, the Faculty has recruited a team of lecturers with high qualification and extensive experience in teaching and scientific researching.

Graduates are supposed to be programmers; IT (information technology) staff in companies; IT staff in organizations applying information technology such as agencies, business management, administration, manufacturing, training, etc...; teachers; researchers; and be able to continue higher education.



- Computer Science:

   +  Computer Network

   +  Database

   +  Graphics and Image Processing

   +  Information Management

   +  Software Engineering

- Management Information System:

   + Information System Management

   + Information System Development


Contact details:

Room 202 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 301 168


Faculty of Foreign Languages

Welcome to FFL

The Faculty of Foreign Languages was founded in September 1990. It is dedicated to the ideals of “OPEN LEARNING”

Open learning ideals are as follows:

Learning is open to all.

Learning is a lifelong process.

Learning is built on existing skills and knowledge.

Learning is cooperative and that learners enjoy the benefits of cooperation among educational institutions, including sharing faculty, instructional material and collaborative program planning.

Learning can be achieved through distance education.

Learning is learner - centered rather than institution - centered or teacher - centered.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages offers BA curricula in English, Chinese and Japanese. The degree program will equip students with language (English, Chinese and Japanese) knowledge and proficiency along with the necessary cross-cultural awareness to promote cultural assimilation into the target professional and business fields.

As participants in the program, students are trained in their morality and a spirit of self-study for their self- perfection and social integration. Students will practice their skills by using modern learning technologies in language training through their active participation in classes, university clubs, and through their undertaking original research work in their chosen area of interest. In addition, students are equipped with skills of office work, theories and practice of language teaching for high schools and language centers, general knowledge and skills in translation and interpretation in commerce, tourism, account­ing and office work.They are also trained with a third language such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, English, Spanish or French.

Graduates from the Faculty of Foreign Languages of HCM City Open University can pursue their career in education, in diplomatic field domestically or abroad, in international or joint-venture companies. Excellent graduates receive guidance and encouragement if they wish to go on for postgraduate studies.


- English

   + English Language Teaching Methodology

   + Business English

   + Translation and Interpretation

- Chinese

   + Translation and Interpretation

- Japanese

   + Translation and Interpretation


1. The English Speaking Club "The Sun Club"

2. The Chinese Speaking Club

3. The Japanese Speaking Club

4. The Spanish Speaking Club 
5. The Guitar Club "The Melody"
6. The Sports Club (Football, Badminton, Swimming, Chess) 
7. The FFL Journal


1. The Public Speaking Contest "The Open Challenge" 
2. The English Academic Team Contest "The Challenge" 
3. The English Singing Contest "Raise Your Voice" 
4. The music and dance performances "FFL Galaxy" 
5. The Annual Singing Contest 
6. The Annual Sports Competitions 
7. The Annual Welcome Freshmen Festival 
8. Others activities

Contact details:

Room: 310 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 300 949


Faculty of Sociology – Social Work – Southeast Asian Studies

The Faculty of Sociology – Social Work – Southeast Asian Studies offers the curriculum of bachelor degree in Sociology, in Social Work, and in Southeast Asian Studies.

Graduates in Sociology and Social Work are equipped with knowledge and skills in sociology, social work, gender, education, management, psychology, community development. Graduates can work in the followings: organizations of training and research in sociology and applied social sciences;  applied social work;  public or private social programs for the urban and rural areas; social life improvement; international cooperation; society and community development;  planning, research, and  personnel sectors of companies and organizations.

Graduates in Southeast Asian Studies can find jobs in diplomatic organizations; tourist agencies; external economic agencies; cultural, educational, scientific organizations, and foreign companies, especially those coming from the Southeast Asia.


- Sociology:

  + Gender and Development

  + General Sociology

  + Sociology of Organizations and Personnel Management

- Social Work

- Southeast Asian Studies:

  + Southeast Asian Cultures

  + International Relations


Contact details:

Room 301 – Tel.: (84.8) 39 300 951


School of Advanced Study

Universities play an important role in creating and developing our country. At the School of Advanced Study (SAS) we embrace this privileged position, delivering teaching and learning that is dynamic, applicable and socially engaged. Our commit-ment is to educate students to highest standards including English language proficiency, create and disseminate knowledge, and engage with our community to address the major issues of our time.

We work across a wide field of the business, engineering, humanities and social sciences, positively impacting more than 1,500 students who are studying a range of undergraduate degrees at the main campuses. We promote inter-disciplinary studies to give our students a unique experience that reflects our dynamic nation. Broad collaboration with industry, business and the professions shapes our teaching and allows us to create the highly educated graduates needed for today’s world.

We draw on the talents and scholarship of our staff to advance innovation in teaching and excellence in research. We encourage leadership in community service and public intellectu-alism, engagement in the life of the University and with the nation’s peculiar culture and traditions.

The SAS has a strong connection with international reputable partners such as University of Worcester, University of East London, University of Southern Queensland, University of Ballarat and Swinburne University of Technology. Our students will be provided excellent programs and academic knowledge which help them to continue their study at the international universities.

We welcome you to the School and hope that your time at university is rewarding and fosters you with a passion for lifelong learning.


What you can study:

- Accounting

- Auditing

- International Business

- Marketing

- Finance

- Banking

- Civil Engineering

- Business Law

- Business English


Contact details:

Room: 603 – Tel.: (84-8) 39 309 918



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